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back in black ark sz

back in black
i hit the sack
ive been too long im glad to be back
yes, im let loose
from the noose
thats kept me hanging about
ive been looking at the sky
cause its gettin me high
forget the hearse cause i never die
i got nine lives
cats eyes
abusin every one of them and running wild

cause im back
yes, im back
well, im back
yes, im back
well, im back, back
im back in black
yes, im back in black

back in the back
of a cadillac
number one with a bullet, im a power pack
im in a bang
with a gang
theyve got to catch me if they want me to hang
cause im back on the track
and im beatin the flack
nobodys gonna get me on another rap
so look at me now
im just makin my play
dont try to push your luck, just get out of my way


(out of the sight)


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