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summerlove sensation ark sz

the summer sun sitting high in the sky
and love thats in everyones eye
now the waitin the anticipating is over
over, over
yo ufeel loose and get out in the sun
summers here and were gonna have fun
two weeks are past and at last
we can really feel free

and you can run in the sun
having fun with the one that you really love
walk in the sand hand in hand
with the boy that you met on vacation
and on a warm summer night its all right
when he says, baby i love you
then boy oh boy youre enjoying
that summerlove sensation

and youre right on the down of the sea
on the beach where the gangs gonna be
we can stay there all day
until the fall is over over over
in the evening hes waiting for you
and you go to the beach barbecue
and youll all have a ball till dawn


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