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emperor, emperor arklar, emperor ark szleri
1.alsvartr the oath407
2.an elegy of icaros456
3.beyond the great vast forest410
4.cosmic keys to my creations and times368
5.curse you all men382
6.decrystallizing reason388
9.ensorcelled by khaos372
11.he who sought the fire391
12.i am the black wizards398
13.in longing spirit386
14.in the wordless chamber552
15.inno a satana395
16.into the infinity of thoughts396
17.night of the graveless souls554
18.nonus aequilibrium511
19.of blindness & subsequent seers388
20.opus a satana533
22.the acclamation of bonds360
23.the burning shadows of silence362
24.the eruption419
25.the loss and curse of reverence385
26.the majesty of the night sky407
27.the prophet405
28.the source of icon e491
29.the tongue of fire366
30.the wanderer636
31.the warriors of modern death509
32.thorns on my grave363
33.thus spake the nightspirit571
34.towards the pantheon388
35.with strength i burn298
36.ye entrancemperium413
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