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emmylou harris, emmylou harris arklar, emmylou harris ark szleri
1.a river for him391
2.a ways to go398
3.abraham, martin and john297
4.all fall down432
5.all my tears365
7.angel band379
8.another lonesome morning419
9.ashes by now372
10.baby better start turnin em down387
11.bad moon rising440
12.ballard of a runaway horse324
13.beautiful star of bethlehem394
14.before believing362
15.beneath still waters391
16.better off without you388
18.blue kentucky girl331
19.bluebird wine372
20.born to run374
21.born to run words & music by paul kennerley331
22.boulder to birmingham389
23.brand new dance524
24.bright morning stars353
25.burn that candle390
26.calling my children home350
27.cattle call411
28.christmas times a-coming706
29.coat of many colors363
30.colors of your heart478
31.crescent city372
32.darkest hour is just before down374
33.deeper well350
34.defying gravity475
35.devil in disguise385
36.diamonds are a girls best friend387
37.drifting too far from the shore396
38.drivin wheel522
39.easy for you to say341
40.easy from now on354
42.even cowgirls get the blues403
43.every grain of salad375
44.everybodys talkin595
45.everytime you leave432
47.for no one335
48.get up john434
49.goin back to harlan485
50.gold watch and chain374
51.good news404
53.green pastures352
54.green rolling hills305
55.grievous angel362
56.guess things happen that way357
57.guitar town363
58.gulf coast highway360
59.half as much358
60.hard times341
61.heartbreak hill353
62.heaven only knows351
63.hello stranger394
64.here, there and everywhere346
65.hickory wind364
66.high powered love364
67.hot burrito335
68.how high the moon395
69.i aint living long like this414
70.i dont have to crawl442
71.i hear a call385
72.i saw the light353
73.i still miss someone360
74.icy blue heart353
75.if i be lifted up379
76.if i could be there362
77.if i could only win your love449
78.if i needed you1556
79.if you were a bluebird432
80.in his world382
81.in my dreams326
82.its not love, but its not bad442
83.its only rock n roll439
84.ill be your baby tonight448
85.ill be your san antone rose481
86.ill go stepping too474
87.ill never fall in love again401
89.jersusalem tomorrow333
92.just someone i used to know351
93.lacassine special456
94.leaving louisiana in the broad daylight344
95.light of the stable-christmas344
96.like an old fashioned waltz418
97.like strangers361
99.lonely street376
100.long may you run362
101.lost his love on our last date322
102.love hurts366
103.love is540
104.loves gonna live here652
105.lovin you again498
106.luxury liner370
107.making believe373
108.mansion on the hill345
109.may this be love413
111.miss the mississippi and you357
112.mister sandman354
113.montana cowgirl322
114.movin on571
115.my fathers house600
116.my songbird595
117.mystery train361
118.never be anyone else but you383
119.no regrets369
120.oh atlanta366
121.on the radio345
122.one of these days374
123.one paper kid345
124.ooh las vegas379
125.orphan girl422
126.pancho & lefty362
127.pledging my love377
128.prayer in open d314
129.precious memories399
130.queen of the silver dollar351
131.racing in the street354
132.red red rose364
135.rose of cimarron420
136.roses in the snow637
137.rough and rocky322
138.satans jewel crown472
139.save the last dance for me1727
141.sin city467
142.sisters coming home436
143.sleepless nights426
144.smoke along the track326
145.so sad397
146.someday my ship will sail409
147.someone like you377
148.son of a rotten gambler354
149.sorrow in the wind392
150.spanish is a loving tongue337
151.spanish johnny341
152.star of bethlehem302
153.sweet dreams381
154.sweet dreams of you371
155.sweet old world314
156.sweethearts of the pines368
157.tennessee rose378
158.tennessee waltz367
159.thanks to you356
160.that lovin you feelin again392
161.the bottle let me down347
162.the boxer435
163.the last cheaters waltz427
164.the light374
165.the maker391
166.the other side of life341
167.the price i pay371
168.the price you pay308
169.the sweetheart of the rodeo366
170.theyll never take his love from me438
171.thing about you377
172.till i gain control again393
173.to daddy384
174.today i started loving you again361
175.together again396
176.too far gone352
177.tougher than the rest365
178.tulsa queen371
179.two more bottles of wine334
180.walls of time361
181.waltz across texas tonight357
182.wayfaring stranger384
183.we believe in happy endings345
184.we shall rise405
185.well sweep out the ashes410
187.wheels of love362
188.when he calls342
189.when i stop dreaming365
190.when i was yours363
191.when they ring those golden bells330
192.where could i go but to the lord351
193.where will i be360
194.white shoes368
195.who will sing for me372
196.wild montana skies361
197.wrecking ball362
198.you been on my mind361
199.you dont know me418
200.you never can tell cest la vie435
201.your long journey330
202.youre free to go620
203.youre learning438
204.youre supposed to be feeling good454
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