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embrace, embrace arklar, embrace ark szleri
1.all you good good people389
3.bunker song539
4.butter wouldnt melt600
5.come back to what you know374
6.dont turn your back on love594
7.drawn from memory464
8.dry kids531
10.free ride581
11.happiness will get you in the end390
12.hey, what you trying to say421
13.higher sights354
15.i cant feel bad anymore485
16.i had a time389
17.i hope youre happy now572
18.i want the world402
19.i wouldnt wanna happen to you592
20.if youve never been in love with anything504
21.its gonna take time487
22.ive been running568
23.last gas381
24.liars tears544
25.love is back568
26.make it last383
27.many will learn442
28.my weakness is none of your business366
29.new adam new eve391
30.now youre nobody625
31.one big family605
33.perfect way447
36.save me422
37.thats all changed forever512
38.the good will out354
39.the love it takes378
40.the way i do429
42.yeah you477
43.you dont amount to anything626
44.you have only got to stop to get better397
45.youre not alone531
46.youve gotta say yes440
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