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ely joe, ely joe arklar, ely joe ark szleri
1. south400
2.a flood on our hands335
3.all just to get to you358
4.all my love412
5.all that you need336
6.are you listening lucky361
7.because of the wind391
8.behind the bamboo shade415
9.bet me431
11.carnival bum354
12.cool rockin loretta716
13.cornbread moon377
14.crawdaddy train333
15.crazy lemon365
17.dam of my heart382
18.dame tu mano420
19.dig all night331
20.dont put a lock on my heart476
21.down on the drag350
22.dream camara319
23.drivin man613
24.drivin to the poorhouse in a limosine556
25.every night about this time413
26.everybody got hammered749
27.fightin for my life460
29.for your love379
30.gallo del cielo333
31.gamblers bride398
32.gamblers bride620
33.grandfather blues346
34.gulf coast blues427
35.hard livin469
36.highways and heartaches361
37.hold on350
38.honky tonk masquerade341
39.i aint been here long652
40.i didnt even do it514
41.i gotta find ol joe524
42.i had my hopes up high300
43.i keep gettin paid the same543
44.i saw it in you352
45.i will lose my life349
46.if i could teach my chihuahua to sing397
47.imagine houston345
48.its a little like love483
49.ill be your fool670
50.im a thousand miles from home437
51.im on the run again581
52.jazz street324
53.johnnys blues502
54.letter to l a337
55.letter to laredo367
56.lipstick in the night363
57.locked in a boxcar with the queen of spain346
58.lord of the highway374
59.love is the beating of hearts376
60.madame woe373
61.mardi gras waltz465
63.maybe shell find me515
64.me and billy the kid330
65.musta notta gotta lotta616
66.my baby thinks shes french527
67.my eyes got lucky374
68.nacho mama375
69.no rope daisy-o364
70.pins and needles366
71.queen of heaven421
72.ranches and rivers312
73.richman, poorboy371
74.road hawg452
75.roll again441
76.row of dominoes382
77.run little pony940
78.run preciosa377
79.saint valentine358
80.screaming blue jillions386
81.settle for love376
82.she collected363
83.she finally spoke spanish to me332
84.she gotta get the gettin436
85.she leaves you where you are362
86.sister soak the beans334
87.sleepless in love330
88.slow you down395
89.standin at a big hotel518
90.standin at the big hotel424
91.streets of sin378
92.sweet suzanne377
93.that aint enough434
94.thats why i love you like i do445
95.the road goes on forever379
96.time for travelin507
97.tonight i think im gonna go downtown439
98.treat me like a saturday night355
99.twisty river bridge507
100.up on the ridge438
101.west texas waltz321
102.whats shakin tonight478
103.whenever kindness fails338
104.where is my love359
105.winds gonna blow you away440
106.wishin for you480
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