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elvis costello, elvis costello arklar, elvis costello ark szleri
2. petals381
3. steps lead down361
4.% amnesia122
5.a town called big nothing370
6.accidents will happen312
7.after the fall343
9.alibi factory381
11.alison live349
12.all grown up362
13.all the rage354
14.all this useless beauty351
15.almost blue466
16.almost ideal eyes297
17.american without tears313
18.american without tears342
19.and in every home323
20.any kings shilling371
21.b movie323
22.baby its you675
23.baby plays around401
24.babys got a brand new hairdo389
25.back on my feet323
26.bama lama bama loo494
27.battered old bird307
28.beaten to the punch340
29.beyond belief358
30.big boys370
31.big sister377
32.big sisters clothes449
33.big tears368
34.black and white world333
35.black sails in the sunset403
36.blame it on cain335
37.blue chair329
38.boy with a problem372
39.boy with a problem demo331
40.bright blue times417
41.brilliant disguise381
42.brilliant mistake342
44.brown to blue330
45.burnt sugar is so bitter349
46.busy bodies359
47.charm school356
48.cheap reward321
49.chemistry class290
50.chewing gum331
51.clean money332
52.clown strike338
53.clowntime is over440
54.clowntime is over no312
56.coal train robberies343
57.colour of the blues357
58.come away, death396
59.complicated shadows340
60.couldnt call it unexpected no403
61.crawling to the usa376
62.crimes of paris362
63.cry, cry, cry352
64.daddy can i turn this355
65.damnations cellar432
66.darling,you know i wouldnt lie340
68.dead letter393
69.dear sweet filthy world375
70.deep dark truthful mirror377
71.deep dead blue492
72.deliver us439
73.different finger361
74.dirty rotten shame342
76.distorted angel345
77.dont be careless love389
78.dont let me be misunderstood453
79.dr luthers assistant489
82.eisenhower blues445
83.episode of blonde376
84.everybodys crying mercy426
85.everyday i write the book280
86.expert rites384
87.favourite hour339
88.fish n chip paper372
89.for other eyes347
90.forgive her anything388
92.from a whisper to a scream353
93.from head to toe348
94.georgie and her rival341
95.get yourself another fool381
96.getting mighty crowded345
97.ghost train327
99.girls talk358
100.glitter gulch368
101.gloomy sunday324
102.god give me strength348
103.gods comic444
104.good year for the roses372
105.goon squad379
106.green shirt317
107.hand in hand334
108.harpies bizarre335
109.heart-shaped bruise376
110.heathen town304
111.hes got you440
112.hidden charms390
113.hidden shame392
114.high fidelity363
115.home is anywhere337
116.home truth323
117.honey hush691
118.honey, are you straight331
119.hoover factory337
120.how much i lied360
121.how to be dumb339
122.human hands345
123.human touch367
124.hurry down doomsday367
125.i almost had a weakness327
126.i cant stand up for498
127.i dont want to go to chelsea437
128.i hope youre happy now448
129.i just dont know what to do with myself375
130.i stand accused340
131.i still have that other girl352
132.i thought id write to juliet443
133.i threw it all away373
134.i throw my toys around338
135.i turn around316
136.i wanna be loved359
137.i want to vanish326
138.i want you348
139.imagination is a powerful deceiver361
140.imperial bedroom365
141.in the darkest place356
142.inch by inch436
143.indoor fireworks389
144.interlude:couldnt call it unexpected47
145.invasion hit parade372
146.it tears me up347
147.its time420
148.ive gears in reverse351
149.ill never fall in love again429
150.ill wear it proudly418
151.im not angry409
152.im your toy393
153.ive been wrong before702
154.jack of all parades353
155.jacksons, monk and rowe322
156.joe porterhouse324
157.jump up364
158.just a memory349
159.just about glad337
160.kid about it340
161.kinder murder416
162.king horse310
163.king of confidence337
164.king of thieves357
165.last boat leaving347
166.last post897
167.leave my kitten alone304
168.less than zero362
169.less than zero dallas version378
170.lesson in cruelty345
171.let him dangle356
172.let them all talk380
173.life shrinks312
174.lip service362
175.lipstick vogue307
176.little atoms348
177.little goody two shoes339
178.little palaces339
179.little savage383
180.little triggers424
181.living in paradise367
182.londons brilliant parade402
183.long journey home380
184.lost in the stars404
186.love field422
187.love for sale340
188.love for tender340
189.love went mad342
190.lovers that never were349
191.lovers walk489
193.man out of time329
194.men called uncle327
195.miracle man359
196.mischievous ghost345
197.miss macbeth366
198.miss mary340
199.mistress and maid311
200.moods for moderns422
201.motel matches407
202.mouth almighty342
203.must you throw dirt in my face352
204.my brave face404
205.my dark life364
206.my funny valentine2368
207.my little blue window315
208.my mood swings385
209.my science fiction twin371
210.my shoes keep walking back to you368
211.my thief380
212.mystery dance329
213.mystery danceacoustic w/ extra verse337
214.new amsterdam356
215.new lace sleeves312
216.next time round419
217.night rally384
218.night time314
219.no action401
220.no dancing383
221.o, mistress mine539
222.olivers army480
224.our little angel334
225.pads, paws and claws323
226.painted from memory338
227.party girl370
228.party party391
229.pay it back304
231.peace in our time310
232.pidgin english385
233.pills and soap380
234.playboy to a man341
235.please stay304
236.poison moon317
237.poisoned rose345
238.pony street411
239.poor fractured atlas365
240.poor napoleon339
242.pouring water on a drowning man353
243.pretty words345
245.pump it up389
246.punishing kiss360
247.put your big toe in the milk of human kindness371
248.radio radio372
249.radio sweetheart340
250.really mystified421
251.remove this doubt335
252.riot act343
253.rocking horse road386
254.romeos seance457
255.room with no number333
256.running out of angels350
257.running out of fools319
258.sad about girls312
260.secondary modern445
261.seconds of pleasure321
262.senior service354
263.seven day weekend354
264.shabby doll443
265.shadow and jimmy363
266.shallow graves368
267.shamed into love357
269.she tous les visages de lamour610
271.shoes without heels349
272.shot with his own gun372
273.sittin and thinkin420
274.sleep of the just336
275.sleepless nights441
276.sneaky feelings333
277.so like candy411
278.so young431
279.soul for hire337
280.sour milk-cow blues350
281.spooky girlfriend357
282.st stephens day murders409
283.stalin maloneinstrumental401
284.starting to come to me319
285.still too soon to know367
287.stranger in the house341
288.strict time394
290.such unlikely lovers317
291.suffering face327
292.suit of lights303
293.sulky girl374
294.sundays best456
295.suspect my tears329
296.sweet dreams440
297.sweet pear327
299.taking my life in your hands337
300.talking in the dark391
302.tear off your own head its a doll revolution388
303.tears at the birthday party332
304.tears before bedtime312
306.that day is done336
307.the angels wanna wear my red shoes335
308.the beat310
309.the big light362
310.the birds will still be singing387
311.the bridge i burned389
312.the comedians288
313.the deportees club386
314.the element within her473
315.the fall of the worlds own optimist390
316.the first to leave323
317.the flirting kind319
318.the great unknown363
319.the greatest thing349
320.the imposter427
321.the invisible man331
322.the king of the unknown sea349
323.the letter home361
324.the long division331
325.the long honeymoon373
326.the loved ones352
327.the night before larry was stretched362
328.the only daddy thatll423
329.the only flame in town361
330.the other end of the telescope351
331.the other side of summer379
332.the peoples limousine449
333.the stamping ground336
334.the sweetest punch360
335.the unfailing welcome to the voice367
336.the very thought of you334
337.the world and his wife358
338.the world and his wife live370
339.the world of broken hearts354
340.there wont be anymore443
341.theyll never take her417
342.this house is empty now315
343.this is hell318
344.this offer is unrepeatable348
345.this sad burlesque337
346.this town332
347.this years girl423
348.tiny steps352
349.tko boxing day361
350.tokyo storm warning329
352.tommys coming home506
353.tonight the bottle let me down348
354.too far gone410
355.town cryer384
356.tramp the dirt down346
357.turning the town red407
358.twenty-five fingers442
359.twenty-five to twelve341
360.two little hitlers291
362.unwanted number321
363.upon a veil of midnight blue348
365.waiting for the end of the world344
366.walking on thin ice368
367.watch your step356
368.watching the detectives359
369.watching the detectives live327
370.wave a white flag342
371.wednesday week334
372.weepers dream635
373.weird nightmare361
374.welcome to the working week321
375.what do i do now325
376.whats her name today459
377.whats so funny boutpeace, love and understanding362
378.when i was cruel393
379.when i was cruel no364
380.when that i was and a little tiny boy389
381.white knuckles375
382.who do you think you are375
384.why cant a man stand alone486
385.why dont you love me like you used to do402
386.withered and died357
387.worthless thing351
388.you belong to me337
389.you bowed down318
390.you little fool336
391.you tripped at every step305
392.you want her too384
393.your angel steps out of heaven439
394.your mind is on vacation296
395.youll never be a man458
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