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beautiful ark sz

if i had all of the cameras in the world
could i be sure that i would be beautiful
in that frame of mind....
i wanna be beautiful, like i was then
every day when you loved me

why should i care, when i left you years ago
you were so ugly then, but know you?re so beautiful
in this frame of mind....
i wanna be beautiful, in somebody?s eyes
like it was when you loved me

and why should i think things are any different
when it?s always the same, how can i blame you?
not when i?m in this frame of mind....
i wanna feel beautiful, deep inside
like it was when you loved, you loved me

i?m tired, and so lazy
it?s been so long on my own
i?m tired and lackadaisical
i don?t like to be alone

i want be sweet
i want to be powerful
empty and free from all the things that
keep me in this frame o f mind...
i wanna be beautiful all the time
then no one can take that
take that from me
so beautiful, i know i will be
and no one can take that
take that from me


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