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elton john, elton john arklar, elton john ark szleri
1.all the girls love alice398
2.amazes me546
3.bennie and the jets397
4.blue avenue407
5.candle in the wind376
6.club at the end of the street400
8.dirty little girl475
9.durban deep592
10.el dorado876
11.friends never say goodbye446
12.goodbye yellow brick road351
13.grey seal428
15.healing hands428
16.hey armadillo397
17.i never knew her name381
18.its tough to be a god502
19.ive seen that movie too413
20.jamaica jerk off458
21.love lies bleeding372
22.my heart dances344
23.queen of cities391
24.roy rogers515
26.saturday nights alright for fighting419
27.sixteenth century man341
28.sleeping with the past349
29.social disease337
30.someday out of the blue342
31.sorry seems to be the hardest word430
32.stones throw from hurtin497
33.sweet painted lady335
34.the ballad of danny bailey -397
35.the panic in me363
36.the perfect love399
37.the trail we blaze421
38.this song has no title365
39.trust me454
41.without question473
42.word in spanish547
43.your sister cant twist but she can rock n roll477
44.your song359
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