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ellis paul, ellis paul arklar, ellis paul ark szleri
1., miles394
2.all my heroes were junkies421
3.all things being the same340
5.angel in manhattan364
6.autobiography of a pistol345
8.bring me backwards454
10.changing your name358
11.conversation with a ghost347
12.deliver me491
13.did galileo pray400
14.did i ever know you395
15.dont breathe562
16.friday night417
17.here she is407
18.i wont cry over you562
19.im the one to save540
20.jumpin a train445
21.just the jester fool375
22.king of th avenue390
23.last at the table376
24.last call384
25.lay your wager down347
26.live in the now414
27.look at the wind blow353
28.looking for my friends400
29.loves too familiar a word570
30.marias beautiful mess571
31.martyrs lounge626
32.midnight strikes too soon392
33.mrs jones344
34.never lived at all358
35.new light on your halo351
36.paris in a day351
38.say something415
39.seize the day466
40.self portrait388
42.she loves a girl384
43.sweet mistakes344
44.take me down349
45.the ball is coming down406
46.the world aint slowin down549
47.thin man517
48.tornado girl424
49.translucent soul368
50.trolley car348
51.washington dc /356
53.when we begin417
54.who killed john lennon405
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