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superstar ark sz

well i spent my life dreaming super dreams
but i hate to wake cause its then i see
that im nothing more than a dreamer
superstar in my dreams im a dreamer

see the lights of stardom were calling me
because only then someone i would be
so my goal in life was to get there
never satisfied

i wanna be a star
but is that all im really here for?
and if im not a star will that be okay?
could i still be someone?

guess i"m scared to wake from these super dreams
scared to live the life thats been waiting for me
what would life be like with no bright lights?
tell me who id be with no spotlight

god youll have to say who i really am
cause i cannot live in this perfect dreamland
but ive heard your dreams might be better
and i hope somehow

a superstar i may never be
and that is just a reality
why cant we be gods superstars?


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