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she walked away ark sz

she couldnt take one more day
home was more her prison now
independence called out
she had to get it

a fight was all she needed
to give her reason
she slammed the door with no goodbye
and that it was time

now shes driving too fast
she didnt care to glance behind
and through her tears she laughed
its time to kiss the past goodbye

im finally on my own
dont try to tell me no
theres so much more for me
just watch what i will be

she walked away
couldnt say why she was leaving
she walked away
she left all she had believed in
she walked away

not a day goes by
for the one shes left behind
theyre always asking why
and thoughts of her consume their mind

god please let her know
the love we tried to show
wed promise anything
if youd just bring her home

tell her we love her
tell her shes wanted
one more thing god
tell her please come home
please come home

the choice is yours alone now
tell me how this story ends


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