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on my own ark sz

i cant believe that i"m here in this place again
how did i manage to mess up one more time?
this pattern seems to be the story of my life
should have learned this lesson by the thousandth time

cause i promise myself i wouldnt fall
but here ive fallen
i guess im not as strong as i thought
all i can do is cry to you

oh god you have to save me
youre my last and only hope
all my right answers fail me
i cant seem to make it on my own

i always thought that i would be strong enough
what made all of them fall couldnt take me down
yeah, did i think that i was above it all
i have learned that pride comes before the fall

i cant promise that i wont fall
cause here ive fallen
i know im not as strong as i thought
all i can do is cry to you


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