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element 101, element 101 arklar, element 101 ark szleri
1. years in the making477
2.a desperate plea for the retaliation of the mundane478
3.a faithful fascination425
4.a galaxy apart408
5.a song471
6.a wish for you399
7.angel blue eyes475
8.between now and then380
9.dead romance language club405
10.fade away381
11.in my heart and on my mind428
13.jersey never seemed so long409
14.just to like you429
15.keeping secrets505
16.leaving me before the spring semester459
17.love has no sound432
18.my darkest night355
19.only in pictures370
20.preconceived notions468
21.private conversations411
22.skyline silhouettes436
23.so unperdictable459
24.some chances are worth taking402
25.something like a dream388
26.standing on the edge of night425
27.stop breathing407
28.the fragile370
29.this time around409
30.to whom it may concern459
31.today and always416
32.under the ocean416
33.you never cease to amaze me461
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