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you will be waiting ark sz

words & music by steven page

as we walk together through the autumn, nearing winter
through the dying leaves and trees we call our home and native land,
you say you dont believe a thing i say, i say you dont believe a thing
you say you cant believe how i dont understand

but i know
that you will be waiting
oh i know
that you will be waiting
oh i know
you will be waiting
waiting there for me

you say you cannot live with me, you need your own identity
and now we air our laundry on national tv
and so you hate my arrogance, my smothering and sitting on the fence,
but im afraid of the hard permanence of letting you go free


im so sick of fighting and that effigy youre lighting looks
an awful lot like whose name i just cant quite place
and though you say its not supposed to be me or any entity
still through the lames and smoke i see i recognize that face


and you were someone who would
always tell me things i dont know,
and tell me where to go
but there ill always go
whether or not youre waiting
i dont care if youll be waiting
but please say that you will be waiting there for me


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