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words & music by steven page & ed robertson ark sz
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words & music by steven page & ed robertson ark sz

words & music by steven page

the bravest thing ive ever done
was to run away and hide
but not this time, not this time
and the weakest thing ive ever done
was to stay right by your side
just like this time, and every time
i couldnt tell you i was happy when you were gone
so i lied and said that i missed you when we were apart.
i couldnt tell you, so i had to lead you on
but i didnt mean to break your heart.

and if i always seem distracted
like my minds somewhere else,
thats because its true, yes its true
its this stupid pride that makes me feel
like i have to follow through
even half-assedly, loving you
why must i always speak in terms of cowardice?
when i guess i should have just come out and told you right from the start
why must i always tell you all i want is this?
i guess cause i didnt want to break your heart

and you said;
"whatd you think that i was gonna do,
curl up and die just because of you?
im not that weak, you know
whatd you think that i was gonna do,
try to make you love me as much as i love you?
how could you be so low?
you arrogant man,
what do you think that i am?
my heart will be fine
just stop wasting my time"

and now i know that you will be okay, and that i
got what i want and thats rid of you
good bye
and its not cause ill be missing you
that makes me fall apart
its just that i didnt mean to break
no i didnt mean to break
no i didnt mean to break
your heart


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