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words & music by steven page ark sz

words & music by ed robertson

a friend brought me flowers, she said they were lilacs
but ive never been good with plants
her next presentation, a new dictionary
shed circled the word "romance"
so enthusiastic, a little bit drastic
i shaved her name in my head
and as she beheld it, she said i misspelled it;
need more be said!

these apples are delicious!
"as a matter of fact they are," she said
can all this fruit be free?

she wrote me a letter as big as a phonebook
ive never been big on mail
i sent her a postcard from somewhere near lethebridge
and wondered if it still went by rail
ive never been frightened of being enlightened
but some things can go too far
though sometimes i stammer and mix up my grammar,
you get what my meanings are


im not trying to sing a love song -- im trying to sing in tune.
i know i am sometimes headstrong
falling love, catching fire -- i want to be consumed
wondering will i ever tire, will i ever tire!



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