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trust me ark sz

words and music by steven page and stephen duffy

i was surprised at how incredibly fast you were
to come up and ask for a light.
i was amazed at just how matter-of-fact you were
in taking me back for the night.
i only crave the sugar on the pill.
i hope that you will

trust me,
trust me to let you down,
you know that somebody got there first.
trust me,
trust me to let you down,
my fingers crossed while my lips are pursed.
trust me,
i dont know where im going, you can drop me there.

dont understand how the roles are reversed
and now its me thats freaked out by the chase.
the holy trinity are there in your purse;
a condom, obsession, and mace.
its easier if im on my way.
so anyway youll


i want you. you want me.
i want you not to want me.
i need you to need me.
to leave me
needing you to leave


trust me,
trust me to let you down.
trust me to let you down.
trust me to let you down.
trust me to let you down.


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