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eleanor mcevoy, eleanor mcevoy arklar, eleanor mcevoy ark szleri
1.a glass unkissed436
2.all i have393
3.all that surrounds me489
6.boundaries of your mind419
7.breathing hope436
8.did you tell him463
9.dont ask me why769
10.easy to lose hope385
12.finding myself lost again643
13.for you401
14.go now431
15.its mine620
16.leave her now496
17.music of it all390
18.my own sweet bed tonight425
19.not quite love440
20.now you tell me344
21.only a womans heart617
22.please heart, youre killing me629
23.precious little444
24.promises we keep453
25.she had it all512
28.stray thoughts557
29.the fire overhead398
30.the weatherman423
31.theres more to this woman603
32.to one who didnt know you440
33.trapped inside451
34.where is the healing390
35.whisper a prayer to the moon421
36.wrapping me up in luxury388
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