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this is where it ends ark sz

words & music by steven page & ed robertson

i dont buy everything i read,
i havent even read everything ive bought.
i dont cry every time i bleed,
my eyes are dry, but theyre bloodshot.
i have faith in medication
i believe in the prozac nation
you play doctor, but ive lost patience

but this is where it ends
this is where it ends
call the police and call the press
but please, dear god, dont tell my friends
this is where it ends
this is where it ends

wheres my pride? wheres my self-esteem?
does it show in the drinks ive bought?
i dont hide every time im seen, but i try not to get caught.
make excuses for behaviour
can my illness be my saviour?
hid my heart while you still gave yours


she says she wants to live in a movie
i say i want someone else to stand behind me
and write it all down
cause i cant be bothered doing it myself.
and i dont want the responsibility of
proving its importance.

i have loved and i have waited
been picked up and been sedated
mental health is overrated



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