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the wrong man was convicted ark sz

words & music by stephen duffy & steven page

whos lonely now?
which one of us is suffering?
whos in his cups? which one of us recovering?
who likes to look at pictures and cries, but way too late?
who doesnt want to change a thing, accepting it was fate?

the wrong man was convicted
you know i did the deed
i thought that you would wait for me
your wants i neednt heed
the wrong man lies beside you
and waits for you to wake
and all because i lacked conviction,
the judgments my mistake

whos breathless now?
who only hyperventilates?
whod die for you! whos dying inside anyway?
which one of us is sunshine and which ones growing dim?
while two men dream of you at night, do you just dream of him?


whos lonely now?
whos reaching out to no one?
whos lonely now?
it takes one to know one
i changed my mind; you said that i could change it back
i wanted space, and now change has fallen through the cracks
if im again beside your body, dont tell me where its been
its cruel, unusual punishment to kiss fingerprinted skin


its my mistake


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