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straw hat and old dirty hank ark sz
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straw hat and old dirty hank ark sz

words & music by steven page & ed robertson

i tend the wheat field that makes your bread.
i bind the sweet veal, pluck the hens that make your bed.
mother nature & mother earth
are two of three women who dictate what im worth

im the farmer.
i work in the fields all day.
dont mean to alarm her,
but i know it was meant to be this way.

you cried a tear, i wiped it dry
i put you up upon a pedestal so high
if you should waiver, if you should sway
id catch you, spread my tiny wings and fly away.
you signed your picture with an o and x
i bet you dont write "love" each time you sign your cheques.


all of this corn i grow i grow it all for you
i took a hatchet to the radio i did it all for you
you could have written back,
you could have said "thank you"
i guess youve got better things,
better things to do.

you say you love me, is that the truth?
although theyve heard the songs, my friends want living proof.
i know your address, i ring the bell
i bring you flowers and a.22 with shells.

im the farmer
i work in the fields all day
never wanted to harm her
but i know it was meant to be this way.


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