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shoe box ark sz

words by steven page & ed robertson
music by steven page

a key in the door, a step on the floor
a note on the table, and a meal in the micro
note says "im in bed, please make sure that youre fed
if youre taking a shower, you can borrow my bathrobe
when im asleep i dream you move in next week"
i crumple the note and save it to put inside

my shoe box
shoe box of lies
shoe box
shoe box of lies

its under my bed, its never been read
its in with my school stuff and my mom never cleans there
from my first little fib, when i still wore a bib
to my latest attempt at pretending im someone
whos not seventeen, doesnt know what you mean
when talk turns to single malts, or stilton, or


did somebody tell you
this is how its supposed to be?
or did you just find it
and you dont want any more from me?


was it something i said, or was it something you read
thats making me think that i should never have come here
i can offer you lies, i can tell you good-bye.
i can tell you im sorry, but i cant tell you the truth, dear
and what if i could -- would it do any good?
youll still never get to see the contents of


youre so nineteen-ninety
and its nineteen-ninety-four
leave this world behind me
cause you dont want me anymore.


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