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same thing ark sz

words & music by ed robertson

what does it mean to wake out of a dream and
be wearing some elses shorts?
ive been around the block, at least on my bike
i was prepared for the news but not for
the third world war

i found me an answer, in a grocery store
i found me an answer in the form of an old man with
a cardigan on, this guys got thirty years on me but
he stops and smiles just to say "hello,
didnt i see you on tv?"

mustve been the same thing
mustve been the same thing
mustve been the same thing
charlie brown went through

im in a comic store
lookin for some mistakenly priced comic i could make
a fortune on and in walks the fantastic four
i say "dont go; that last issue was cool!"

mustve been the same thing
mustve been the same thing
mustve been the same

these things all end
who asked you anyway?
youll have to bend
who asked you anyway?

im in a thunderstorm
staying out from under trees never holding
golf clubs, but still seem to be getting
struck by lightning... must be
something in my veins
my weathered veins

mustve been the same thing


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