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life, in a nutshell ark sz

words & music by steven page & ed robertson

when she was three
her barbies always did it on the first date
now shes with me,
theres never any need for them to demonstrate
shes like a baby, im like a cat;
when we are happy, we both get fat and still
its never enough, its never enough,
its never enough

but i dont tend to worry about the things that other people say,
and im learning that i wouldnt want it any other way
call me crazy, but it really doesnt matter
all that matters to me is she

her life, in a nutshell
no way would she want it to change me
its not that easy cause
my time is often decided for me
for me

she memorized every pencil crayon colour in the box
her blue-green eyes complement the burn sienna in her locks
shes at the movies, im on the phone;
when were separated, were never alone, but still
its never enough, its never enough,
no its never enough


i fell down
with no one there to catch me from falling
then she came round
and only her tenderness stopped me from bawling my eyes out
im ok
and thats why
her life, in a nutshell...


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