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intermittently ark sz

words & music by steven page

someone somewhere has unglued our epoxy
and now im kissing you by proxy
hope you dont mind
somewhere someone is dreaming of me
tries to love me, hope you dont mind

i love you
i love you intermittently

shes a lot like you but she dont look like you
okay, shes not you
but shell do fine
i got my life on hold just to avoid confrontation
but should i tell you to your face and
risk my hide?

i love you
i love you intermittently

when immeasurably
turns to intermittently
theres no use in going on
except for fear of being wrong
every morning i just hit the ground yawning...
stick around if you enjoy disaster
cause if you cant see what im after
you must be blind

i love you
i love you intermittently

didnt have the heart to say goodbye
so i continued in my charlatan ways
did i say heart?
i meant to say guts
now im on my own and im sorry that youre gone


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