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in the drink ark sz

words & music by jim creeggan

im in the drink for love
and want to drink your love
swimmin a swim in the suds
i want to drink your blood

up like a rocket, down like the rain
back and forth like a choo-choo train
i have a secret that just wont keep
all i wanna do is brush your teeth

butterfly kisses
and the taste of delicious
id like to sip the sap from your tree
and the honey in the tea
dripping amber drips


im in the drink for love
and want to drink your love
squishin toes in the mud
i want to drink your blood

caught a snowflake on my tongue
a feathery crystal in the flavour of gum
dropping clouds fallin fast
are you going to try some while they last?
once the birds have migrated
come spring twitter painted
up the river, i journey on
cause this salmon is ready to spawn

if you have some swimming lessons
it would make it easier



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