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i live with it every day ark sz

words & music by stephen duffy & steven page

on august first, nineteen-eight-one
i cycled to scotts house with a bb gun
we were almost twelve, but we looked thirteen
he had baby-blue eyes that i shot him between
nature provides for us a safety net
whatever we do, we can never forget

i live with it every day
even though we moved away
our yesterdays are on a loop;
a marathon of heartbreaking moments
i live with it every day
for every step i have to pay
the only thing that they cant take
the guild that spirals in my wake

the day they found me asleep on the floor
engine running, closed garage door
was the day the for sale sign arrived on the lawn
two weeks later, and we were gone
everyone falls through time and the funnel it makes
but im staying here inside my biggest mistake


the love i put away
like games that children play
the hearts you choose to break
like cars dumped in the lake
the laugh lines on your face
the life i wont embrace
the cold house i wont leave
the guests i wont receive



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