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green christmas ark sz

green christmas by barenaked ladies

the streets are filled with christmas cheer
at least its only once a year
perfect parcels tied with perfect bows
and carols ringing in my ear
bundled up against the cold
lines wherever gifts are sold
each shop window displays a christmas scene
for everybody young and old
icicles on eavesdrops
and tinsel on the trees
but its a green christmas for me

couples skating on the pond
making angels on the lawn
five red mittens drying on the rack
and needles shedding tannenbaums
red bows on the railings
and snowflakes on the ground
but its a green christmas in this town

cause of everything i miss
all this mistletoe no kiss
and with every christmas wish
there would be no greater gift
than to have this envy lift

carolers are at my door
dont wanna hear them anymore
stockings on the mantle
it snows here everyday
but its a green christmas anyway

red nose on the reindeer
and tinsel on the tree
but its a green christmas for me


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