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go home ark sz

well let me tell you if youre feeling alone,
instead of whining and moaning,
just get on the phone, tell her youre coming home
if you need, you should be there
if you scream in your sleep, or collapse in a heap
and spontaneously weep, then you know youre in deep
if you need her, you should be there
go home

theres nothing better than affairs of the heart
to make you feel so good then tear you apart
make up your mind and stick it out or start again

you cant imagine what an effort it takes
when you make a mistake
and you know in the wake that a hearts going to break
if you need her, you should be there
if youre flummoxed and flushed
and your heartbeat is rushed
then get out of the slush, tell your dog team to mush
if you need her, you should be there
go home

if you think of her as joan of arc
shes burning for you, get your car out of park
if you think of her as catherine the great
then you should be the horse to help her meet her fate
if you need her, you should be there,
go home

you cant believe it, but its true
shes given everything to you
now take a moment to be sure
before you give it all to her

well now youre thinking that its over at last,
all your woes in the past
but youve got to be fast; put your foot on the gas
if you need her, you should be there
so now youre out from under the gun
and its over and done
i wont spoil all the fun but if you ever wonder
shell be there if you need her
go home

if youre lucky to be one of the few
to find somebody who can tolerate you
then i shouldnt have to tell you again
just pack your bags and get yourself on a plane
if you need her, you should be there
go home
if you need her, you should be there
go home


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