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conventioneers ark sz

you walked into the room
and the whole place stopped to notice
standing next to you, i feel hopeless and you know this
ive never been ashamed of my attraction
id be happy if you gave me just a fraction
as we danced, i could see in your eyes
you and me as senior citizens in love

i followed your perfume out away from all the rabble
right up to your room for a drink and travel scrabble
you, stationed in the warm glow of the t.v.
too patient as im playing l(1)o(1)v(4)e(1)

and we laugh...and we laugh...and we laugh
and we have to or well end up in the bath

now were in the bath, im already thinking marriage
i know that in the past it was something id disparage
you turned down all the lights, i lit the candles
we rolled around in robes and hotel sandals
then you slept, and i dressed, and i left
and i guess ill see you monday like before

before all the fireworks exploded
our conversations were so loaded, innuendo flying
now what can we say?
have a nice day
looks like rain today...

now im in a cab, heading back to my apartment
everything is drab, and i wish it never started
now ive landed in this awkward situation
how can i just avoid a conversation?
so i wait, come in late. itd be great
if you transferred out of state


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