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words & music by steven page

i never thought that you would love me the way that you do.
i never thought that you would love me half as much as i do.
you say you wanna know everything about me. well here you go.
you say you couldnt live your life without me. i dont know.
but if you want it girl, youve got it,
its all right here,
in my box set.

i never thought that words like product could ever leave my lips,
but something happened to me somewhere that made me lose my grip.
maybe its a lack of inspiration that makes me stoop,
or maybe its a lack of remuneration; i cant recoup.
but if you want it folks, you got it;
its all right here in my box set.

disc one
its where weve begun, its all of greatest hits,
and if you are a fan then you know that youve already got em.

disc two
it was all brand new, al albums worth of songs,
but we had to leave the whole disc blank cause
some other label bought em.

disc three
this is really me in a grade school play;
i had about a hundred thousand lines but of course i forgot em.

i never thought thered be days like this, there was always someone at my door.
i never thought i would ever miss, and the crowd would always holler for more.
but now it seems all that people want is what i used to be,
and every time i try to do something new,
all they want is 1973.

i never thought id be regretful of all my past success.
but some stupid number one hit single has go me in this mess.
you can put it on every compilation - thats all right.
you can hear it on the oldies radio station every night.
and if you want it again, you got it
its right here in my box set.

disc four
never released before, and you can tell why.
its just some demos i recorded in my basement.

disc five
i was barely alive, i was coughing up a lung,
so they had to use a special computer as my replacement.

disc six
a dance remix, so i can catch the latest trend
and itll make you scratch your head and wonder
where my taste went.

so now my fans are crying sellout,
they say that ive lost my touch.
they say i should just get the hell out,
before i do too much.
hear my songs in an ad for a bathroom cleanser -
they say its greed,
and now im wondering where my friends are in this time of need.
but if you change your mind and buy it,
i hope you enjoy my new box.

i hope you enjoy my new box,
i hope you enjoy my new box set.


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