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be my yoko ono ark sz

if theres someone you can live without, then do so.
and if theres someone you can just shove out, do so.

you can be my yoko ono
you can follow me wherever i go
be my, be my, be my yoko ono.

isnt it beautiful to see two people so much in love?
barenaked as two virgins hand in hand and hand and hand in glove.
now that im far away it doesnt seem to me to be such a pain.
to have you hanging off my ankle like some kind of ball and chain.


oh no, here we go, our life is just one big pun.
oh no, here we go as yoko sings

i know that when i say this
i may be stepping on pins and needles.
but i dont like all these people
slagging her for breaking up the beatles.
(dont blame it on yokey!)
if i was john and you were yoko,
i would gladly give up musical genius,
just to have you as my very own, personal venus.
(hit it!)



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