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eels, eels arklar, eels ark szleri
1. speed381
2.a daisy through concrete370
3.altar boy375
5.ant farm688
6.are you and me gonna happen369
7.baby genius548
8.bad news416
9.beautiful freak532
10.birdgirl on a cell phone396
11.bus stop boxer417
12.cancer for the cure454
13.cheaters guide710
14.climbing to the moon403
15.daisies of the galaxy378
16.dark end of the street original by percy sledge358
17.dead of winter368
18.dog faced boy447
19.dogs life from welcome to woop-woop445
20.efils god683
21.electro-shock blues712
22.elizabeth on the bathroom floor532
23.everything is gonna be cool this christmas412
24.es tune482
25.fitting in with the misfits361
28.fresh feeling417
29.friendly ghost386
31.funeral parlor ls:tt b-side77
32.going to your funeral part i355
33.going to your funeral part ii607
34.grace kelly blues384
35.guest list367
36.hello cruel world357
37.hospital food451
38.i like birds402
39.its a motherfucker875
40.ive been kicked around439
41.jeannies diary616
42.jennifer ecles430
43.jungle telegraph412
44.last stop: this town102
45.looking out the window with a blue hat on370
48.mockingbird franklin476
49.mr es beautiful blues472
50.my beloved monster419
51.my descent into madness331
52.not ready yet386
53.novocaine for the soul435
55.packing blankets422
57.ps you rock my world338
58.rags to rags421
59.selective memory489
60.something is sacred322
61.souljacker part442
62.souljacker part537
65.strawberry blonde411
66.suicide life368
67.susans house420
68.teenage witch387
69.thats not really funny457
70.the medication is wearing off333
71.the sound of fear396
73.tiger in my tank368
74.what is this note332
75.woman driving, man sleeping361
76.wooden nickels335
77.world of shit385
78.your lucky day in hell417
79.youll be the scarecrow495
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