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alternative girlfriend ark sz

words & music by stephen duffy & steven page

youre in an all-girl band
your futons second hand
your parents understand but you dont care
i have a job in a shop
im an undercover cop
i make sure the customers arent thieves
old at being young
young at being old
everythings on hold within our evolution

youre my alternative girlfriend
i love you, and now you cannot pretend
theres nothing left that wont cross over

last night we slept on the lawn
you woke up and i was gone
back to the dream i dream to leave
my life with her is a bore
a worn-out metaphor
no more surprises up its sleeve
were old at being young
young at being old
everythings been sold to others revolutions


you live above your dads four-car garage
with your vinyl and imaginary entourage
if i pull up in a u-haul, pack up quick
so we can get out of this town cause it makes me sick



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