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you never knew i lied ark sz

your cousin cindy touched me once
i did not stop her so we carried on
during family holidays
she and i always found a way
you never knew, you never knew
you never knew i was so untrue
because i lied, because i lied
because i lied, i lied and i lied and i lied
when i said i was with paul i was with felicity jones
the big-chested red head i swore i did not know
she cornered me while you were buying me a beer
she knew who you were but she did not care
you may have been wise
the whole time
you knew the wrong
numbers were right
i hope the whole time
you were doing the same
so i will not have to
swallow all of the blame
you said you were leaving
because you did not feel needed
so i lied as i tried to agree
so you left me alone
with me and myself
so i drank and i drugged
to become someone else


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