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if you choose me ark sz

if you choose me over him
ill make you proud, ill make you grin
ill write a poem about your smile
ill buy you hats cause i dig your style
ill tell all my buddies how good you kiss
while im away only you ill miss
ill share my records and stay really clean
ill never fuss nor be mean
in front of all your friends, ill kiss your ass
ill leave behind my violent past
if you choose me, if you choose me
why wont you choose me over him
if you choose me over him, ill make you proud
on me you can depend
to be nice to your momma, take your daddy fishin
ill make you biscuits then clean the kitchen
there will be credit cards for all your desires
we can walk in the park
and hold hands for hours
ill rub your feet ill scratch your back
ill brush your hair and then comb it back
well find that old boyfriend who treated you bad
you can cuss him out while i kick his ass
ill wash your clothes, ill pay the bills
you can paint the bedroom anyway you feel
ill quit cussin and lose 10 pounds
ill swear youre skinny when you get round


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