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god ark sz

i once knew a killer named lenny larue
had lost four fingers had faded tattoos
i asked him one day to whom do killers pray
and he said to me as he looked away
well god dont even know my name
for i live my whole life in shame
god is in me c god is in you
and gods love has been abused
god dont even know my name
had to fight a baptist preacher
who had drank too much
he took a swing at me but i ducked his punch
i pushed him to the ground
and as he rose out of the dirt
i asked c
why does a preacher man have so much hurt?
i once spoke to god and he made me cry
said i could come to heaven any time
he did not mind c he forgave my crime
i once loved a ballerina who was narrow and mean
she believed in nothing but her cable tv
cussed and cursed and swore that jesus was dead
if god did not damn her i wonder who did


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