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eagles, eagles arklar, eagles ark szleri
1.after the thrill is gone471
2.all night long607
3.already gone429
4.bitter creek466
5.certain kind of fool439
6.chug all night420
9.doolin-dalton/desperado reprise419
11.get over it444
12.good day in hell400
13.heartache tonight466
14.hollywood waltz441
15.hotel california720
16.i cant tell you why674
17.i wish you peace463
18.in the city419
19.is it true471
20.james dean551
21.journey of the sorcerer621
22.learn to be still433
23.life in the fast lane428
24.lifes been good585
25.love will keep us alive414
26.lyin eyes606
27.midnight flyer431
28.most of us are sad410
29.my man450
30.new kid in town420
31.new york minute365
34.on the border402
35.one of these nights394
36.out of control375
37.outlaw man453
38.peaceful easy feeling424
39.pretty maids all in a row396
40.saturday night449
41.seven bridges road395
42.spank it631
43.take it easy387
44.take it to the limit428
45.take the devil435
46.teenage jail402
47.tequila sunrise456
48.the best of my love349
49.the disco strangler464
50.the girl from yesterday371
51.the greeks dont want no freaks500
52.the king of hollywood380
53.the last resort363
54.the long run451
55.the sad cafe419
56.those shoes389
57.too many hands382
58.train leaves here this morning349
59.try and love again340
62.victim of love388
64.wasted time376
65.wasted time reprise588
66.witchy woman429
67.you never cry like a lover359
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