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welcome to this world ark sz

oh, welcome to this world of fools
of pink champagne and swimming pools
well, all you have to lose is your virginity
perhaps well have some fun tonight so stick around and take a bite of life
we dont need feebleness in this proximity

ask good macduff and donalbain, so many good ideas are slain
by those who would dare not step out of line
but if i have my way tonight and chances are i think i might-
ill turn those sour minds to grapes of wine

welcome to this world

dont judge the boy by what you hear
the words are heard beyond the ear
the heart and mind are focus for this conversation
but be abound in mystery for that so much you do to me
for there are those who drown in adulation


if i had a dime for each time that i heard them preach
well id have wicked thoughts upon my brain


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