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spaghetti western ark sz

why do we do this c.g. and i?
every night vegetables,
minds numbed up by thc.
ive got my pen, c.g. the remote.
laurel and hardys the best bet at four a.m. on a friday
no dreads about the working day after though.
funny thing about weekends when youre unemployed.
they dont quite mean so much,
except you get to hang out with all youur working friends.
well we got us a spegetti western on 36.
i like spegetti westerns
i like the way the boots are all reverbed out
walking across the hardwood floors.
in fact, everythings got
that big reverb sound.
well whatll i do now?
go to sleep.
pull the pud.
we need new pornos.
well, i guess im still writing...


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