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restin bones ark sz

came up on a worried man, asked him if he had a light.
he reached on down, dug in his shoe, figured in his sock he might.
he asked if he could come and join, at what we was partakin in.
i says,"ol soul if you got a match, you also got yourself a friend".

the smoke drew hard but laid in good, the neon gave us extra shine.
we passed around a flask of knockando, and a half litre bottle of wine.
the worried man dropped down to his knees, and let out with a somber groan.
he looked up to me and when i asked, he said,"im just restin my bones".

i looked down at him, and him up at me, then a smile rose above his chin.
he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down, said," listen to me now my friend".
when i was your age i did it all, more than many men could do,
now my possessions are the ones i wear on my back, and this lighter i keep in my shoe.

thats why im restin my bones.

im restin my bones for the times i fell, fell and hit myself on the ground.
restin my bones for the loneliness, of being the only genius around.
im restin my bones for prosperity, in hopes that itll do me some good.
im restin bones from amphetamines, see they turned teeth to balsa wood.
im restin bones for johnny cash, cause for me and mine hes wearin black.
ill be restin my bones for elvis, i seen him last week at the track.
if im restin bones and you come along, just try and tippy toe on by.
cause when im restin bones i hope to sleep, and maybe slip away and die.


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