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professor nutbutters house of treats ark sz
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professor nutbutters house of treats ark sz

cmon kiddies gather round. whos your foremost friend in town?
from main to maple the name resounds, professor nutbutter.
hes the one, the humble one, the barkley county prodigal son.
here to serve only you, professor nutbutter.
at old nutbutters house of treats from jellied jams to sacks of
theres creamy and nutatious spreads for all.
chemist, master of entomology the professor for a modest fee
will cure what ails you, guaranteed professor nutbutter.
its alright, dont fear the worm.
cmon kiddies dont be shy be youthful til the day you die.
the man the myth, the magic of professor nutbutter.
hes the one the only one the meeklybville prodigal son.
here to help us with ourselves, professor nutbutter
its alright to fear the worm.

[its all right to fear the worm. the worm, the worm is our friend.
um, but not all of the properties of the worm can be, uh, fully,
fully, well, appreciated by the, uh, the human body itself, but, um
its, its, its, its ok to, to fear the worm. um, i, myself, have
had no, uh, problems with the worm but in a certain situation, uh, i
would feel like, what, what, uh, ramifications, um, could occur? uh,
theres, theres really no need to, uh, to fear much of anything, you
know. fear of the, fear of the temptation is a, more, probably, more,
more, appropriate word in this particular scenario. um, the, uh,
well, it, depends on what you want, i suppose. it really depends on,
on what you want.]


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