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power mad ark sz

military show is blastin off to kosovo. military show with lightning speed. sensitivity? oh, just a rusty nail in the corporate show. how many stabs before we bleed?

those pinocchios chattering out in stereo, boy pinnocchio and his golden deed. masculinity? oh, galvanized in the world wide show as we fertilise the seed.

power mad, i didnt chop the tree down dad i only try to do whats right. power man, the best friend that you ever had unless of course you choose to fight.

power mad, driving out of the shadows, he never tires when he plays. power mad, hes a streak in the night time speculating how hell take on the world some day.

originality? oh, just a rusty nail in a broadway show how many stabs before we succeed.

power mad, i didnt drop my pants down dad, i know my left hand from my right. power man, the best friend that you ever had unless of course you lose the fight.


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