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poetry and prose ark sz

i aint one for poetry, aint one for prose. aint one for the scent of a sping-time rose.
but the is one face that i do know, i sure get a kick out of that beavis and butt-head show.

other day i turn my tv on, and guess what i do see?
two crazy-ass cartoon sunsabitches staring on back at me.
said "what the hells this", and ler said "boy, dont you know?"
the whole worlds gone crazy over that there beavis and butt-head show.

talk about couch fishing, now i could go for that.
i could go for frog baseball, but i be inclined to use a cat!
on comedy, im a stooges man. i like larry, curly and moe.
but now and then a get a chuckle watchin the beavis and butt-head show.

stone-temple pearlvana chain, now theres a helluva band.
they got that original sound thats sweepin cross the land.
aint no zz top though, now thats the band for me.
if i had my way mtvd play just them and ac/dc.

i aint nothing special, im your average kinda man.
i like a frosted barley pop and i drink em outta the can!
i dont give a rats ass about poetry and not a damn bout prose.
i sure get a kick outta them beavis and butt-head shows.

butthead: "hey beavis..."
beavis: "what?"
butthead: "i was just like...thinking and stuff...it was pretty cool."
beavis: "yeah, im gonna try that."
butthead: "tv is cool..."
beavis: "yeah, yeah, tv rules....it rules! yeah..."
butthead: "hey beavis...i heard that pretty soon, theyre gonna have, like, 500 channels.
thats gonna be cool."
beavis: "really? that would be cool."
butthead: "you know what would be really cool, though? if like, one of the channels didnt suck."
beavis: "yeah, but, like, if one of them didnt suck, why would you need the other...um...
three hundred and twenty-seven?"
butthead: "because, you know all those tv shows that suck? its like, you gotta put them
somewhere! you cant put em on the cool channel!"
beavis: "yeah, yeah! they should call it the cool channel!"


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