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mrs blaileen ark sz

mrs. blaileen - she was a sixth grade teacher
and she controlled the children
by using humiliation.
the target always seemed to be donny.
he was a bit slower than the others.
when he was quite young
his mother died at the kitchen table
while choking on some food.
the fashion of the day
was bleach and tied levis.
donny decided to make some,
but he didnt know to rinse them.
so he came to school a reekin.
bleach stenched filled the classroom.
mrs. blaileen began to chastise.
she made him feel like an asshole
two feet small.
oh what a lonely boy.
don and ronald
they always stuck together
for they were a bit different than the others
and they were as tight as brothers
then ronald moved away.
now steven
he was year or two younger
and he really thought he was something.
he liked to harass other children
or anyone he found outnumbered.

alone don walks from fishing.
steven and his friend they stop him.
they took his hat and they taunt him,
pimp-slap him with a newspaper.
don lunged forward with his fish knife
then ran all the way home weeping.
he gave his knife to his father and
said "i think i hurt steve."
oh what a lonely boy.


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