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kallamazoo ark sz

a b c d e f g h i gotta gal wears her toenails long.
drives a red barracuda, singin meat packer songs
and she aint from kalamazoo.

a b c d e f g h i gotta friend lived in a mercedes-benz.
then a 55 chrysler where the trunk never ends/
and the plates say kalamazoo.

he had a steady job and watched what he spent.
hed say i dont believe in payin no goddamn rent.
ill squirrel away every goddamn cent
and buy my own damn house in kalamazoo.

i knew a guy that mangled his hand,
and he went from pipe fittin to a hot dog stand.
they say last year he cleared fifty grand
selling dogs round kalamazoo.

she turned to the world with a bastard child.
said, "i just cant handle him hes too damn wild".
but the years and the liquor have made him mild.
and he lays around in kalamazoo.


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