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fish on fishermans chronicles, chapter ii ark sz
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fish on fishermans chronicles, chapter ii ark sz

felt a pang late one afternoon
i was fishin off muir beach
with larry lalonde
grabbed a tuna salad sandwich
and i started to chew
pretty soon lers yellin
fish on. fish on

i was just a little pup
and it was derby day
was dad and me and darrell
out in san pablo bay
taco flavored doritos
and my orange life vest
dad caught a hundred pound sturgeon
on twenty-pound test
now he fought that fish for an hour
and a half
darrelld say "jump ya sons a bitch!"
and he grabbed for the gaff
when we got him in the boat
he measured six feet long
i was so danged impressed i had
to write a song called
fish on

twas a bright and sunny day
it was me and todd huth
fishin shark & stingray
out of bohuas lagoon
well hey, hey, hey ill be screwed,
blued and tatooed
looks like i got me one of them fish on
fish on.


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