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de anza jig ark sz

oh i can still remember
jenny hernando
she was my little lovely one
when i was seventeen.
i remember the day that she
gave me her viriginity
and then she gave it to everyone
in our vicinity.

oh i can still remember
julie tolentino
the dancing filipino
we used to run around.
her and flouncin freddy
were going hot and steady.
now she runs a dyke bar,
the biggest one in town.

i can still remember my
old friend todd squelati
i watching him snort a
milkshake right up his nose.
he slurped it up the left side.
blew it out the right side.
how he ever kept it down,
i will never know.

of course i still remember
ol flouncin freddy
we were pumping gas
down at el sobrante shell
his mustang was his pride n joy
he liked to dance the cowboy,
hanging out at jack in the box
but eat at taco bell.


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