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your mama dont dance ark sz


your mama dont dance and your daddy dont rock and roll
your mama dont dance and your daddy dont rock and roll
but when evening comes around and its time to hit the town
where do you go--you gotta rock it

the old folks say that you gotta end your date by ten
but if youre out on a date dont you bring her home late cause its a sin
you know theres no excuse, you know youre gonna lose, you never win
ill say it again

and its all because



everyone gather round let me tell you all about it
you see i pulled into a drive-in and i found a place to park
we hopped into the backseat where its always nice and dark
were just about to move thinkin "bret, this is a breeze"
theres a light in my eye and a guy says "out of the car, long hair!"

oowee--youre coming with me
said the local police


play me a little c.c.


your mama dont dance, no
she just dont dance, no
your mama dont dance and your daddy dont rock and roll
ah, yeah


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